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question for a home setup
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#1 (permalink)      5/25/2019 2:41:47 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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question for a home setup
i want to ask u guys ... what are the best mtl atomizers that run on coils ... i dont want to build, so prebuilt is the way i want to go ... what would be the best choices for MTL PREBUILT COILS?
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Nautilus 2s
Back from toddlin'
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Look, I've been a Nautilus guy since the BVC coils came out with the Mini, but it's no longer the only game in town, or even the best. As good as the coils are, Aspire's top fill doesn't work nearly as well as it might; it tends to flood the coils. I'm strictly an RTA user these days, but I still need something to recommend to n00bs, and I don't recommend the Nautilus these days.

The Innokin Zenith and Zlide are more than worth a look. It's at least as good as the Nautilus (and tanks like the Kabuki, Fantasy and Elf that take the Nautilus coils) - I think they're better - and, like the Nautilus, you can get coils everywhere.

The Vapefly Nicholas is another good 'un , but you'd be taking a bigger chance on coil availability.

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You won’t go wrong with an Innokin Prism T22 Tank, Great MTL and pre made coils readily available, have been using one for the last few years so it’s not the newest one on the market but it works for me so why change it.