Right off the bat, I had a really bad start, with two major QC problems from Ulton.

Firstly, the stock drip tip would not come off. It was like the thing was literally welded to the tank section. You know that sinking feel you get when you wait patiently for vape mail, and then when it arrives, you're reminded of the perils of buying clones? Yeah, that feeling.

I slid a narrow flat instrument into a gap, used some leverage, and instead of coming off, the top part of the drip tip snapped off and went flying! Had to use some tools to remove the broken bottom part of the drip tip, still embedded to the top of the tank, without damaging anything.

Secondly, the tank section is held together with the base, using three O-rings. You can see the first two O-rings in the photo. Those are fine. The third O-ring is on the inside, where the chimney is. It was way too big and flimsy. Every time I'd try to attach the tank with the base section, the chimney would snag on the O-ring, pulling it out and stretching it. I replaced the O-ring with what I had handy, and now it's all good.

Curious to know other people's opinions. I wouldn't be surprised if your Sputnik is totally fine. That's how it is with clones, I guess.

As for the pros, very good flavour, and no dry hits or leaking. Wicked it up like I always wick RTAs. All good. It's too early for me to say if this is a special RTA. But so far, it's a decent addition to most people's collection, I would imagine.

Also, I think the stock air disk is 1.5mm. It's a bit too airy for me, and not silent at all. I'll have more thoughts in a few days after I've changed air disks and put the Sputnik through a few more paces. So far, so good, but horrible start. Definitely not a positive straight out of the box experience for me.