burner94 wrote:

Hey @s.moriwaki is the 4 x 0.6mm insert anymore silent than the 6x0.6mm? And does it feel like a 1.2mm draw, or looser? Have your opinions of it changed after some use/is it living up to your expectations?

Hi, burner. Yes, it's quieter with the smallest air disk. But then again, I'm sure some people would disagree with me and say the Sputnik is quiet overall. But the thing is, I'm comparing it to the FeV 4.5S+, which is still my favourite RTA, and it's not just quiet, it's silent. Another favourite of mine is the 415. The 415 is quieter than the Sputnik. On all three RTAs, I've been using the same build, a 1 ohm 28ga coil at 16 watts. So it really depends what each person defines as quiet, and their build.

Also, it doesn't help how each air disk is described as 1mm or 1.2mm "equivalents." Put it this way, I've never thought of myself as someone who enjoys incredibly tight MTL draws. But on the tightest air disk, even I think it should be a bit tighter.

On the plus side, I'm getting stunning flavour. I've been vaping two mixes so far, one with Connecticut Shade and one with Creme de Menthe, both from Flavorah, and both serving as the foundations for the mixes. I only vape aromatic and non-aromatic tobaccos and lately I've been vaping a lot of mint/menthols, for the throat hit. Like Sacha said in his video, the Sputnik seems to really bring out the sweetness in juices. I don't use any sweetener, but as I'm sure you know, a lot of the stuff we vape have sweet notes in them, even NETs.