burner94 wrote:

Thanks for the tip man, got the DT oring on there and it fits perfectly. The shorting issue was just user error, the ends of the wire secured by the screw were touching the deck, so all good. The airflow issue is ongoing, I've found that screwing the RTA down just to the point where there's a bit of tension on the 510 has resolved the issue, still a bit annoying. All in all, there's a lot of issues, but the flavour is up there with the best (dvarw, GTR, and FeV), it's light as hell, it doesn't consume liquid very quickly, the draw is almost as silent as the FeV (with the 4x0.6mm disk), and the wicking is exceptional. She's a keeper.

Please can you recommend for me a one mtl rta for flavor and throat hit and tight draw?

I use five pawns castle long 6 and 12mg nic.