The FEV is great - except for the very tightest MTL. If you like 1.2mm and up, it's lovely. At 0.8mm with a normal build, there's a LOT of throat hit. Not good throat hit; more like "the air isn't hitting the coil" harshness, like you've got the top cap on wrong with an old-school genisis. If you move the coil over nearer the air inlet, it gets a lot better, but then you lose the ease of build. Some people like it a lot; I find it to be too much hassle to wick when the coil is off-centre with no gain otherwise. If the tighter airflow screws were longer, if they stuck into the chamber further, it would be a much better tank for tight MTL. As it is, I'd call it a great tank for anyone who likes a looser draw than I can handle, whether that's a 1.2mm MTL or a relatively open restricted DL - basically anything that isn't really tight or "cloudz, bruh".