Thanks Essellar!

I know exactly what you're saying, i tried to mtl my hadaly, ew. That was not a TH, it was almost dry hit.

I knew it was something like that, and for the tech reasons you've mentioned. 1.2 mm on dvarw , for me, it's RDL. Nah. Nope.

I have this SKU 9659175 and it's an 1.2 mm. i mix with it, him and hadaly. Way too large otherwise. I like 0.8, at max 1mm, that's a cigarette for me. Also, so, so tasty.

How about Spica then ?,the pin with 3 AF, compared with dvarw 0.8/one lucky berserker0.8/1 ( i have 3, 2 are tight as ..omg, and the other one is like 1.2 ....they were nice ppl tho, sent me a deck for free, still unlucky)