The Spica is great, but it depends on the clone you get (assuming you're not looking at an authentic). I prefer the Dvarw, but that's arguing about tastes rather than about quality. Some of them are quite tight and others, well, not so much. And I've had experience with "name" clones (SXK, SJMY/YFTK, Shenray, Coppervape) of other atomizers that were fantastic when first released but not so good a couple of months later - probably fixtures and tooling setups getting worn/sloppy and not being redone. It's always a gamble, which is why, when I find a good atty, I buy a bunch of them right away now, before the rot sets in. It ends up being cheaper than going by clone reviews and getting atties that were good when the reviewer got theirs, but are almost unuseably bad when you get yours.