philipvdb wrote:

Imo you only need 4 tools
1. Screwdriver kit. Bought my kit a home depot with all different pieces for 10$. Unscrews every possible screw of any mod also.
2. Snips. I found a good small sized one at hobby lobby for 6$
3. Scissors. I use surgical siccors from my wife. Price unknown
4. Coil rod. 1.5$ here if i remember correctly. With diameter from 1.5 -4.
That's all i ever used.

I have tweezers around, but often I just use my coil rod to poke down cotton and such....never really combed out, or thinned cotton in rdas, but sometimes for billet rbas or small rtas....but I use chunk cotton, not muji. Muji I don't see ever needing thinning.