RattyRat wrote:

So you can convert the Mixx into a 21700 mod? That's a huge plus if so.
All you guys seem to love the Mixx, guess I pick one up when it's on sale somewhere.
I also love the look of the balance(clone sood here). So tiny so cute, only reason i haven't bought it yet because I think it's a bit overpriced... Not expensive but don't know if that clone worth that money they ask for it here.
Also like the converter too, because it is the cleanest mod I ever saw. I don't really care taht you can made it into a regulated tube mod... But it is so simple. No pointless usb port that I never use, no pointless buttons, only one button, and i dont even need more, I find the wattage I use than I usually dont even tuch it anymore. Also you can rotate the button (and the atomizers air intake). So yeah... Clean and simple, and also a bit pricy for what it is really (referring to the price here on ft) :D
But surely

You can buy the 21700 conversion kit from Aspire's store on Ali. You can also find the Mixx for forty to forty five bucks, just search google.

The Balance clones have various issues such as a weak 510, most attys can't screw all the way down causing a noticeable gap, the screen issues develop over time and even completely black out, the buttons on the white POM one don't match the white body and it becomes very noticeable over time, sometimes the wattage changes by all itself for one or two vapes. All of mine have been put back in their pelican cases and shelved now.

But you can easily swap out the clone DNA60 chip in the Balance clone for a genuine one.