macranife wrote:

This is also worth considering at the right pricedoesnae hit as well as the mixx and 18650 onlybut small and compact wi the right tank on it

Yeah yeah the Z1, they are dirt cheap now for some reason... i consedered it also would try the siren...2? or 3? which included in the kit... but you know... have to choose one... if I would have more money to spare I would get the Mixx, the Z1, the Paramore, the Balance and the converter, but... I don't have, so I'll wait till the Mixx will be on discount somwhere...

yeah Dj I found one site where it was 45 bucks but that's a US site and also says it is out of stock :) other than that the cheapest was $60 with free shipping... prety good considering shipping from China costs more than $10. usually $12ish.
Also shipping from UK usually far more expensive and still have to pay the VAT since brexit, so UK sites are a No Go too. Pretty much China or local, or neighboring countries... loacal and close countries are far more expensive, and usually the shipping also cost more than shipping from the other side of the Earth... so yeah, it's worth the waiting and VAT is nothing considering the price gap.