cilika wrote:

Again, you re-attach to yourself... =)

I leave the house with small mods...for 2 days. (or more)
Ahh was it a criteria, not to carry spare bats or not being able to recharge?? Uhh I didn't notice =D
Not everybody does the same work either.

Yes, that was my criteria! Anyway, most workers work 8 hour days at least, and some carry bags, which would allow carrying extra gear.

Not my thing, and yes, i can only "attach" myself to my opinion. Missed your post , didn't want you to think I was ignoring you, or upset at you...I just don't carry a purse, so I like a mod that I can vape all day with minimum maintenance. Maybe one day I'll get a "cushy" job where I can play "vape shop", but not with this mortgage, lol.

I own tons of 18350 mods - you probably have seen some here, but they stay at home, as "novelty" vapes, not "workhorses".

I hope you can understand.