You think it is shying away, I think it is leaving them with nothing.

What makes trolls happy? Reactions, getting to you, trying to make you feel small and insignificant, winning as they see it is you here battling with them.

Lets say you get her good, really cuts to the core of her, do you think she will react to you? No, no the fuck she wont. At the same time your idea of you don't shy away and you don't bend fold or break has you here giving her just what she wants as much as she wants it, and that is simply just reactions. She got to you that is what she wanted, you gave it to her, and you keep giving it to her, to any of them that want it. Trust me it is harder not to give it to them, but allot more fulfilling.

There are people in this world that love to fight and argue and be shitty to people. It's their happy place, is it yours too? If it is, keep at it, if not, fuck it walk away from it, and give them nothing, that effects them allot more. If you don't think it is true try it for a month.

As far as coping method, I wouldn't call it that. I don't need to cope, it's more strategy right. Also I am really secure in who I am, and I like me. Not that you aren't, just that, that is how I feel about it.

This isn't me saying I always side with you in your arguments, but I have a tool, I think you need it, if you do take it, if not I wont mention it again. It takes to much of my time and energy. When I see people taking joy in making someone unhappy though I want to help that person.

There are disagreements that warrant discussion, and then there is every single interaction you will ever have with SS on this form. If you ignore her, she will lose her new favorite toy.

I get it that sucks right, fuck her! She is just massive bag of shit, but your options are keep giving her what she wants and enjoys, or stop. If you tell her what a cunt she is, she loves that, she got to you, joy joy celebration for her, if you walk away nothing to do twiddle her thumbs pick a fight with someone new. The ride wont end until you step off of it.