"So, I pull an "not quite as Eternal" Spline move, and leave, except to post "grandfatherly, oh-so obvious facts of life"
twice yearly...."

No not at all discuss talk argue all you want, but in a mature way. Treat people with the respect you would like to be treated with. Post all you want as many times as you want. When you know it is a troll though, don't engage past that. That is all they want, they want you to react to them and be there entertainment. To some people they could care less about what they are even talking to you about, and care only that they are winding you up. It's easy, you see the same people here all the time.

"I'm also VERY disappointed in the way you are talking about that female in your post above...It's Almost like your original post was BULLSHIT, as I mentioned earlier. You should treat females better...."

Here is what I had originally said in regards to that.

"Third, yeah she is a woman. At least try and treat her a little better. Would you want someone talking to your mom or sister in that way?"

The key word in the above statement is "try", and I have for years. I tried to talk to her about her behavior on here, in a similar way as I am trying to talk to you, respectfully. It went no place, because she is the problem, and doing this is what makes her happy.

"No, I think there is a reason I'm here, and it's bigger than a few trolls."

You can be here for your reasons without feeding the trolls. Or feed them, fuck it you seem determined to tell me that I am wrong here. Honestly I am fine with moving on from this discussion. I tried to help, your determined that your way is the way, keep doing you. I am not writing this to help me, I am writing this to help you.

Look at your life like: this is quality, these are the good parts, this part is crap, I enjoy this, I don't enjoy that. You have to do this job for money, you have to mow the lawn because of the HOA, but do you have to argue with someone that does not even care about what you care about online with no resolution? What serves you in life, and what does not serve you is the key here. If you are getting the knowledge out there fighting the good fight, and that is how you see these interactions and you enjoy them, then enjoy them.