Again, i refer to the technology used in 18350 cells. It is commonly known as poor, and has nothing to do with use or enjoyment, as long as you aren't using a mech or something silly, there are plenty of reasons to own some, and they have a place like anything else. Doesn't remotely make them good, just "good enough".

The technology is old, and bad. 18650 cells started off quite poor as well, and 18500 never caught on either. Only 18650 benefitted from the extra lifetime and eventually utilized new technology, making the cells good, and for a while, available to the general public.

Listen, I know everybody wants to be a special snowflake, and they are, in their own way. Still, it seems that every time I give a simple fact with data, or use terms like "most" or "many", people get all riled up, because they are different, and "how dare I" give generalizations that don't apply to them....that's great and all, but all it does is state the obvious and derail conversations into arguments. I don't talk about shit that I don't know about, as I've proved here countless times. Bad, old tech that unfortunately was passed on without an happens all the time, and will continue to happen.