Eternal, damn, stop whining, lol.

WE GET IT. Sheila ruled your ass, lol

how can anyone keep up with your stream of consciousness posts? Who's 53? when did Still.Me become your topic? I doubt my "being high" has anything to do with your rambling posts, where you project your fragile psyche on me. I'm Alpha around here, not a victim. You are all confused, padawan.

dude, you need to deal with your issues over She has beaten you down to nothing.

Remember what DJ said last time?

"Be a lion" lol

I don't need, and never asked for any help from anyone. Don't need it, thanks. It's not help. lol, it's a CRY for help lol. I see you've gone from "caring mentor I don't want" to "another mad wannabe that can't have his way"

Don't care, and I LOVE ostrich pimples! If you don't toughen up a little, you'll always have to hide from Still.Me. It's a shame, you used to have some good posts about vaping, until she ran you off....

I'd worry about you. Look what I've done to you in just a few posts. You so mad

lol! You should have stayed quiet. I don't want a fanclub.