My Open Apology ... To "heffo"


The scene of the crime where I Committed My Atrocity, was in a recent thread started by tonypp, titled "Are V.V coils any good? Why 6 wraps?", on page 21 - posting #205 ... My post read as follows :

VicViking wrote:

VikVikin wrote:
STFU No one likes you. Go away

then "I" said

What ... the Actual FUCK !!! ???

I find it very interesting, VERY FUCKING INTERESTING, Indeed ... that both carrion & Crispy gave "kudos" for My response (#188) to the post made by VikVikin (#182) ...
that's just Fuckin' Strange, that they came together for that !!!
What a weird place for a meeting of the minds. Oh well ... ya gotta start somewhere ... maybe there's still hope for humanity. If MANKIND somehow manages survive this thread ...
I'm taking FULL CREDIT !!!


If only I had done My homework and dissected that confounded thread in it's entirety as I normaly would, I would have been aware of "Your" posting, #118 - page 12, where You brilliantly stated :
"Because electricity takes the path of least resistance, you're changing the goalposts by adding a short."
And equally aware that Your posting was the true ground zero for carrion & Crispy to file separate, yet equal kudos ... before diving back into another 20ish odd pages of clawing, biting, spitting, and the same general demonstrations of their previous buffoonery.


But noooooo, I was busy Reflecting on My Youth, of days gone by ...

basking on My Stunningly Beautiful Aunt HeleniƤ's lap as She suckled Me with sweets, sibilanting the realities of My Heritage ... "My Darling Young Victor, I Don't Want For You To Ever Worry About Being Wrong, Never Ever Ever Should That Nasty Thought Cross Your Mind ... Because Being Always Right ...
Is In Our Blood".

Ya know, Always Being Right comes with some fuckin' responsibilities Ya know ...
AND NOT JUST ONE OR TWO, There's a GOD Damned Shit Load !!!
It Ain't Easy is all I'm Sayin'.