My Open Apology ... To "heffo"


That's My Family Crest right there, and I would never in a million years ...
further tarnish It's Millennium Stretching Sterling Reputation !!!
My Remorse is "Genuine" ... 150% Real Deal over here, Amigo.
And don't You let anyone try and tell Ya otherwise.

If for any reason You find anything here ... anything at all that does NOT resonate with a
Full & Righteous Tone ... see that it is on account that I am waist deep in New Territory,
A Stranger in a Strange Land ... An Honest To Goodness Maiden Voyage For Me Here ...
I'm Givin' Up My GOD Damned Cherry !!!

You MUST try to understand ... I mean, give it a Real Shot ... The Old College Try, if You will.
Just as I Struggled to comprehend the "ins and outs" of My Favorite New Word,
so must You attempt to entertain the idea that "I" am both "Prisoner & Victim"
to the Privilege of My Own White Aristocracy.

Believe Me ... This Shit Runs Deep.

I have never been one associated with, or accused of "beating a dead horse" ...
but if You would be so kind as to permit Me,
how 'bout it, Bud ...
just one more for the road ...