Your favourite RTA
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#1 (permalink)      9/24/2021 9:10:08 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Your favourite RTA
Here's a question, What's your favourite RTA that you absolutely love??
Mine has to be the Shenray Art Elite.
I used to have three of them but as time goes on they have all developed unfixable faults and are impossible to replace as they came out three years ago and old stock is really hard to find.
I've tried to source replacements but there are only two websites that still (allegedly) have them in stock but won't accept any of my credit or debit cards or reply to my numerous emails.
I've managed to cannibalise two dead ones from my spares drawer to make a working one, but still on the hunt for one or two more.

I'll need to try and find something similar for ease of build, clouds, and good flavour, but struggling to find something similar.

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SKU 9743102

Dovpo Blotto Single Coil RTA, looks like a good replacement.

My favorite is the V3 aromamiser in dual coil, I just really like that airflow position. The Blitzen by geekvape is similar, I really enjoy that one too.
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Ammit 25, JuggerKnot MR, Kylin Mini V2 or GT4S are my favorites #teamsinglecoil

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Tube RTA. I think the listing is gone.

Compatible with kayfun\orchid\silverplay accessories.

The coil in the photo is my all-time favorite also, single or dual, set to work unregulated or regulated. 28\32g Clapton with 3 wraps for a whopping 0.8Ω(or 0.4 dual). First few puffs snap crackle and pop and disappear once the liquid is warm. I believe the tube has a 2.5mm airflow but I could be wrong, maybe 2mm. No longer have the Atto "mech" pictured as the 3 chips I had always putout 0.2 less voltage than the battery... It'd put out 3.5v when it's 3.7 and then cutoff "dead".

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The Pioneer with 1mm airflow pin is my favorite one.

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Several authentic at the moment:

GeekVape Zeus X - all time favourite atomizer, at least for the past 3 years.

QP Fatality 25 - Have a couple. Only drawback?
1) I prefer top airflow when outside and an atomizer is kicking around in my pocket or bags so I use these indoors only.
2) As delicious as the vape is, I sometimes find the flavour a bit too strong, too dense. A feature of atomizers I loved years ago but the further away from smoking I am, not about 8 years, I find I can only handle strong flavour in smaller quantities. Hence, top airflow is a bit less dense than these atomizers.

QP Juggerknot MR - Am a dual coil person but this is the first single coil that I love. Have 2 so far. Was about to pick up a 3rd but they sold out so waiting for another run. These are great outside kicking around in my pockets so easy to use.

Oxva Arbiter - Great top airflow as well but the only downside is they are a bit too big for most of my mods. I have a couple they both fit but they are single/heavy 21700 batt mods which I do find a bit heavy in my pockets outside.
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Well, IMO, there's WAY too many posts without TAIFUN's 25mm GT4 mentioned (the "S" is great, too) , so consider that snafu rectified. My favorite RTA from this year is the Skyline R.

I do remember those little ShenRay tanks - quite cute and small, if I am remembering them correctly. It seems ShenRay might be going the way of Tobeco.
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Currently my favorite is the authentic OFRF GEAR! I love the small size, and it has large enough wicking channels to accommodate large single coil builds. It does chug juice, and has a small capacity, but it all but disappears in my hand on a Pico Plus. It hasn't leaked a drop. I have been getting outstanding flavor from it. I will try the styled GEAR next!
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As someone who has waterboarded people into buying Dvarws, it pains me to say my current favorite RTA is the Haar RTA. Jubby will kill me or at least kick me out of Dvarw-Nation.

The Haar has an annoying top fill system, with a top cap without any knurling. Because of the top fill it has a juice flow control that I regularly forget to open after filling. The Dvarw functions so much easier.

The Haar has this bottom ring that keeps the deck in place, a ring that regularly loosens up ever so slightly when adjusting the airflow ring right above it, making the whole tank wobble. The Dvarw is so much more hassle-free.

But, damn, that flavor. Outstanding RTA.
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airwinny wrote:

As someone who has waterboarded people into buying Dvarws,


The Dvarw functions so much easier.

The Dvarw is so much more hassle-free.

I hear you loud and clear 😉

If you want on or off the list just let me know.
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In the last few Days the MiniRobot. My all Time Favorit ( Flavourit ? :) is the FEV but I dislike the Appearance, the Weight and the Size, but at Home it is still the most used RTA. The Mini Robot has the same Throat Hit, nearly the same Quality of Flavour, is easy to build and has the best Airflow Innovation You can think of for Lovers of small Mods when Your out. Air Inlets on Top of the Tank, so You can hold the whole small Mod with RTA in Your Hand without covering the Airholes. Wonderful. In Combination with a Vapefly Galaxies Mod smaller and lighter then most Pods.