carrion4worm wrote:

That might be the single worst Haar plug I've ever heard, lol! But, i get you...flavor has a way of making you overlook "minor inconveniences", lol.

I haven't liked the Haar too much, but I only vape one juice in RTAs, and it just happens to not get along well with the Haar.

Heh-heh, I haven't even mentioned how much I dislike the little plastic tank section, and how I have to remove the drip tip when refilling.

It's an annoying, finnicky tank. So, I bought 2 authentic ones, in the hope that top cap would be easier to screw off with better threading than the clone. It doesn't.

But yeah, my two ADV flavors don't taste better in anything else. And you're right about that being juice-specific. I love the Kayfun Lite 2021 too, but I can't use my two favorite juices in it, somehow that doesn't match at all.