The golden age of enthusiast vaping is over for me, that market is all cloud chaser gear.
I started in 2013 and my enthusiasm has waned over the interrim years. What i want now is a simple, reliable, consistent, efficient device of low maintenance.

Mix juice once a year, recoil my atty maybe every 7-9 months. Costs about the same for a year as smoking for a week would.

I can make fixed voltage mods work. I've been saying for many years that all i need is one fixed voltage. PWM it for efficiency, i don't need a display i just need one button. The closest i've ever seen were the joyetech batpack, which i have 5 of, and the Digiflavor Helix, which I have 3 of. The helix is ideal and it was really cheap. Paid more for atomisers.

Remember the old old old ego batteries that had a 3.3v PWM mode? if they'd made something roughly sized like a 650mah ego but that took a 14500 (like a 14500 version of the ego mega) and had that mode i would never have moved away from that and 14mm drippers in 2013-14. I'd still be using it now.

The last atomisers i bought were 14mm squonk atties which i have since converted to top feed RDA use, they don't make 14mm RDAs anymore

They don't really make vape gear for me anymore, i had to buy a whole ulton satmod kit just for the 14500 mech. So my golden age of vaping is over.

All the pod systems and low effort tanks are what the business needs. Most people who would have been enthusiasts already are or have been at this point. Now the market mostly needs no-effort devices people who don't give a shit about vaping beyond saving money and health can pick up, fill, and use. I'm told that modern pod stuff is better than the CE/EGO stuff we had in 2013. If that's so, nonenthusiasts can now get an acceptable vape and without having to mess around, kick the stinkies.

So in that sense the golden age has just begun.