Is the "Golden Age" of vaping over ??
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#21 (permalink)      11/17/2021 9:52:56 PM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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Still.Me wrote:

Thank you for clearing that up.
As much as I love the MR I am not sure I am willing to pay that much for it, if on principle alone.

I sent them an email asking if I could possibly buy a few of their drip tips. I was told they had one left and would send me the invoice.

$5 for the drip tip but almost close to $20 with shipping.
So far not impressed with the customer service.
Had they just sent me the one drip tip I would have purchased the atty with their shipping but both combined has me giving some second thought to dealing with QP at all from here on in.

QP products are made in and shipped from China by WejoyTech, a clone manufacturer.

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Jubby wrote:

The golden age of vaping was ruined when Shlag started posting here …

It quickly became much like the dust bowl...

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Sorry, but I kinda see where some of you are coming from, but the ULTIMATE vaping chip "officially" released this year, the 100c. THE chip that everyone has wanted since 21700s appeared...almost making larger dual 18650 mods extinct, from a practicality standpoint. That alone to me trumps all atty designs or Billet color choices.

2020 was COVID, which slowed releases, but the rise of the Billet/ Boro device has FINALLY hit the mainstream in 2021, resulting in literally DOZENS of viable, portable, AIO options (with a clone-maker leading the charge, unbelievably!)

..And of course, the high-end market leads the way with innovation in materials, with carbon fiber taking a back seat to Juma and Micarta, all while SLS 3D printing gets better, and cheaper. Thermo-plastics get stronger and lighter, making the horror of broken glass a distant memory, if we choose. All these things do trickle down in time to mainstream products in some capacity, usually.

Squonks and SBS style mods still have room to be creative and grow, and atomizers have diverse airflow options that tailor the experience to the user.

We can't go back to the wide-eyed wonder of being noobs again, but what a much more sophisticated, quality level of gear we have to choose from, and even cheap clones are top-notch. We do have to be willing to expand our horizons a bit, nothing ever stays completely the same. I'm happy with less, more refined gear choices, like we have now...just support your local cloner, because we can't afford to lose any more!
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Golden age of vaping was ruined when Dick Rippers started promoting Anti-Dry Knuckles vitamins.
Smoking is Dead, Vaping is the Future, and the Future is Now... So I will ask a percentage of your sales for each device review I do.
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carrion4worm wrote:

We do have to be willing to expand our horizons a bit, nothing ever stays completely the same. I'm happy with less, more refined gear choices, like we have now...just support your local cloner, because we can't afford to lose any more!

I'm afraid we'll lose a lot more of them.

I always used to think we needed better starter kits, so that more people would vape, and then automatically more people would move on from that, into the hobby side of things.

But the entry-level gear has gotten so damn good, that there's really no 'moving up' anymore. I started my hobby journey with a Kayfun Lite and an Istick. Every $20 pod system out there now, gives a better, more consistent, more flavorful vape. For my own fun, I vaped a simple Voopoo V.Thru pod and a Kayfun Lite 2020 side by side, and the Voopoo pod wins that, easily.

I thought I had lost interest in vape gear, but it's mostly me not finding a better vape anymore. I get a more pleasant vape from a Vaporesso 0.6 GTX coil, than from a Dvarw or a Citadel. Esselar's right, this is the golden age of vaping, because it has never been easier to get a fantastic, flavorful vape.

Maybe modders can survive if they get into the pod market. I believe it was SXK who started first with the Billet tanks for various stock coils, that may have very well been the thing that will save modders.

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thill1951 wrote:

The simplicity of vaping using a simple ego battery and CE4 clearomizer are gone now..Fastttech's manufacturers just now discontinued those products and are selling only a few that are leftover..once those are gone, many newbies will either quit vaping or be required to learn a whole new way of vaping, which I think many will not bother to attempt, and also pay more for the more newer complicated vaping gear....simplicity and the old ways is sometimes the best is not always the best..

Nope. There are still very simple, basic battery mod and simplistic tank kits like the Innokin T18 and the Aspire equivalent - the mod is a simple voltage output device with a single button just like an eGo battery and the tank is just as simple as a clearomiser, except it has the benefit of top fill. If you want to go crazy you can buy recent models with a 3,000mah battery - and everything is cross compatible, just like the old eGo devices. You can also use anything from 30/70 to 70/30 juice in them without problems.

The reason eGo/clearomiser systems went by the wayside is they aren't that good - and many of the newer products simply outperforms them while being just as simple to use and pocket friendly.

I still have an eGo pen - it still works and I still have spare coils, but I have no intention of vaping it as it is a waste of juice. Older isn't always better.

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I think companies have scraped the idea of affordability and chosen to portray themselves as high end. I've never seen so much bollocks written up about mods and tanks. Loads of "high end" companies teaming up to make tanks and mods that are effectively clones of other products. Last two clones I bought are my daily drivers I'm not interested in millionth aspire team up. Why would you buy the kumo when you can buy a cabeo clone?

Billet box Boro tanks or whatever there called that bp and other companies have banged out are ridiculous I mean 60 fucking dollars for what ? An rta in a plastic tank ? Give me a fucking break, no wonder people buy pods.

The last thing I saw that was moderately interesting was the abyss aio but my only interest in it is to use it as a side by side cause why the fuck would you risk flooding out the chip so you can put a bridge in for how much it costs?

I think my main selling points on gear for me now is longevity and protections when it comes to mods and a solid base with no AFC and plenty of replacement tank options for rta's. Solid bases are the only thing I've seen that makes a dent in tank condensation getting into the 510.

Basically the only thing golden is the dollar lining wejoytechs pockets. SEND IN THE CLOOOOONES!
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It's funny how everyone looks at this from there own lens. Reading through all the responses it's clear to see how everyone's own vape interests dictate their personal viewpoints on it.

I heard a reviewer say the golden age was back when we were getting 10 new high airflow RDA's a day, that was the golden age. All the conventions were full and everyone was trying to figure out which of the 10 RDAs that came out that week were the must haves.

I think in some ways sure this is the golden age because everything works, but also we are all so divided in what we like because so much amazing stuff has come out. I mean you couldn't pay me to go back to squonking with how great RTA's are right now, but that is what someone loves most in vaping, no one is wrong. I have very little interest in BB stuff, but people love it, that's great.

Yeah I agree though the innovation is kind of gone, or few and far between, but honestly for what I like things can't get much better. We waded through a million plus shitty products to get here, but now it is anticlimactic as fuck, not much left to get excited about, just reliable great products day in and day out...
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Jubby wrote:

The golden age of vaping was ruined when Shlag started posting here …

I arrived here 6 months after you.
9 months or so before gottheVDdrips.
And likely the same month or one later than AirWhiny.

If my presence has been so painful for you, all of these almost 8 years, perhaps the three of you should question why you remained.

Please do not troll vape threads with your nonsense.

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Alright, I am willing to expand my horizons after reading this thread and AirWhinys post about a Voopoo.

Want to pick up the kit at SKU 9740006

Replacement pod cartridges SKU 9740063 (not sure why I need replacements-in case the attached one falls off?)

Stumped on all the various coils to choose from though.

Would like a pack in the 0.3ohm at 30-45w area.
But also really need a restricted DL such as 0.8 or MTL at 1.0 at 18-20w area.

If someone can please point me towards the correct SKU for each of those two possible coils, I will give it a shot and see if I am missing anything.

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