"Golden Age?" That was all about making intolerable e-cigs worth using. There's very little on the market at the moment that isn't good.

You personally don't like small pods? Too fucking bad - that's what a whole hell of a lot of people have been looking for - desperately - since forever. They don't want to drag around a half-pound of bulky gear; they want something that'll slip into a shirt pocket and takes next to no maintenance. No, that's not my game either, but my game isn't what this is all about.

You want innovation in what sense? Something that completely changes the game every month again? WE FIGURED THIS STUFF OUT ALREADY. In the glory days, everything was absolutely fucking broken, and slowly things became less broken. It's almost all fixed now. It's just tweaks. Like all of the new, wonderful top-coilers with almost magical wicking. The BVC clearo is a done deal and has been for a long time. Kilowatt mods? Nobody needs them because mesh does what kilogram coils used to do, but better.

This is the golden age.