thill1951 wrote:

The simplicity of vaping using a simple ego battery and CE4 clearomizer are gone now..Fastttech's manufacturers just now discontinued those products and are selling only a few that are leftover..once those are gone, many newbies will either quit vaping or be required to learn a whole new way of vaping, which I think many will not bother to attempt, and also pay more for the more newer complicated vaping gear....simplicity and the old ways is sometimes the best is not always the best..

Nope. There are still very simple, basic battery mod and simplistic tank kits like the Innokin T18 and the Aspire equivalent - the mod is a simple voltage output device with a single button just like an eGo battery and the tank is just as simple as a clearomiser, except it has the benefit of top fill. If you want to go crazy you can buy recent models with a 3,000mah battery - and everything is cross compatible, just like the old eGo devices. You can also use anything from 30/70 to 70/30 juice in them without problems.

The reason eGo/clearomiser systems went by the wayside is they aren't that good - and many of the newer products simply outperforms them while being just as simple to use and pocket friendly.

I still have an eGo pen - it still works and I still have spare coils, but I have no intention of vaping it as it is a waste of juice. Older isn't always better.