It's funny how everyone looks at this from there own lens. Reading through all the responses it's clear to see how everyone's own vape interests dictate their personal viewpoints on it.

I heard a reviewer say the golden age was back when we were getting 10 new high airflow RDA's a day, that was the golden age. All the conventions were full and everyone was trying to figure out which of the 10 RDAs that came out that week were the must haves.

I think in some ways sure this is the golden age because everything works, but also we are all so divided in what we like because so much amazing stuff has come out. I mean you couldn't pay me to go back to squonking with how great RTA's are right now, but that is what someone loves most in vaping, no one is wrong. I have very little interest in BB stuff, but people love it, that's great.

Yeah I agree though the innovation is kind of gone, or few and far between, but honestly for what I like things can't get much better. We waded through a million plus shitty products to get here, but now it is anticlimactic as fuck, not much left to get excited about, just reliable great products day in and day out...