Yeah I think so but I have not bought them, because I have allot of mods.

It depends on your location a little too, and how long your willing to wait for things. Also where you can shop, if your not in the US, it is hard to suggest a US site. So telling you what is good, and also cheap is kind of difficult, but I will give it a shot. Also can't name sites so deals and sales, I can't just link you to them or my post will be deleted.

I don't know how much power you need or want, so I am going to just assume based on "Rincoe Manto Pro" being higher power, that is still your preference.

Lost Vape Thelema Quest 200W, it is not the DNA version but made by the same company. It got great reviews and I have seen it I think under 30.00 so very low but that was in the US I think.

Geekvape Aegis the first version, when you find it the one with the small screen it is usually cheap now that other versions are out, but it will take I believe a 30MM atty and you can throw it at someone pick it up and go back to using it. Price will depend, it is very rugged though and will last, it is hard to put a price on that. I own one, I would own another.

Voopoo Argus GT 160W Box Mod, no clue on the quality but I have seen them dirt cheap. Voopoo has made good stuff in the past but I can't speak for this one, I don't own it. If you don't need much power, it is probably a safe bet, if you vape at over 100W, that is when it becomes a little harder to tell you.
20.46 price is hard to beat.

Dovpo M VV II 280W Box Mod,
Don't own it, can't speak for it. I do like PWM mods.

Hugo Vapor Rader ECO 200W Box Mod 22.08, don't own it can't speak for it.

Voopoo Musket 120W Mod, 15.88, don't own it can't speak for it.

If your interested in one, ask maybe someone has it and can give you more information on it, if they like it or whatnot.

IMO, buy the mod that suits your needs. For me that is power and accuracy, then right after hand feel and size. I might like the look of a boxy mod with sharp corners but it feels awful using it. Then it is size atty I can put on it. It sucks really enjoying a larger RTA, but having a stupid looking hang over on your mod. These things are different for everyone though. If you only use 22mm RDA's the last one is of no importance to you.

Hope that helps.