"but the Manto Pro's claim of 228W was ridiculous - 150 max, maybe with really good fully charged batteries batteries, if you were lucky."

Oh no lets not get into vape math!(just because I don't like math) Your not wrong about how these things are over inflated and whatnot, but it is also funny very very few people vape any higher then the 130's ever. This topic resurfaces every so often and does the same thing, circulates everyone drops there two cents, and ends up is what it is. That being said I will be disappointed if the chips start being shit voltage as the norm.

Mod prices have gone down nicely though, even really decent stuff is pretty cheap if you look hard enough or wait for a sale, even better.

A site or two here in the US spits out some random super cheap old school gear, I love it. New old school gear is kinda fun. I grabbed a dirt cheap Sigelei KAOS VAPSOON 208W, dumb name but really comfortable mod, ended up grabbing a second one.