Vape legislation is trying to kill the industry everywhere (there’s a flavor-ban coming here in Norway), especially the in the States. Now it is coming to China, at least according to Vaping360:

“The Chinese government has issued a revised draft of its vaping products standards that includes a ban on domestic sales of products containing non-tobacco flavors. The flavor rules, if finalized, will take effect May 1, along with stringent licensing requirements for manufacturers. The rules will also prohibit sales in China of refillable products and synthetic nicotine, and will limit e-liquid nicotine strength to 20 mg/mL. The Chinese government has also proposed restricting vape exports from China to products allowed in destination countries. It’s still unclear if this provision will be adopted (or enforced), but as written the rule would prevent manufacturers from shipping products not specifically authorized in the countries receiving the shipments. For countries without specific rules, manufacturers and wholesalers would have to follow the rules for the domestic Chinese market.“

The stringent licensing could be good thing, but otherwise it seems like this is a disaster for the industry. No refillable products? With the heat coming down everywhere (except maybe in enlightened England), can the industry survive? If it does survive, how much is it going to shrink in the next 5 years? Is anybody else worried about this?!?