Here you go. You're welcome. don't have any idea what that weird "experiment" you childishly placed in "photo" thread has to do with anything we've ever talked about, but whatever. Explain it, or not, here. You can easily go back and read your original argument (it was you, not a "user",lol) since you've conveniently forgotten.

As I've said over and over, resistance is determined by the length of wire, not curly-Qs! To change the resistance the wire must be cut, lowering the resistance. Yes, moving the wire between grub screws is effectively changing the length also.

Please grow up, you're obviously just bitter, and you're out of control - cheer up, go do something else, have some fun. You don't want to be a contributing member here - you've made that point very clear.

And stop being a hypocrite, i.e., THIS TIME derailing a great, popular thread that you haven't participated in.

Jealousy/ anger is eating you alive...get it in check, dude.