Hi Carrion

The reason I asked for someone to do that was we have had a long standing argument.

This argument started when you ridiculed (DJVillan?) for a statement be made about adding a wrap.
When I replied that I do this routinely by using the excess leg length of packs of pre-made coils you threw all your toys out of your stroller and insisted the stated resistance is assessed by measuring the total length of wire used to make the coil, and not an assessment of what the resistance will be when the coil is fitted and of course the thread degenerated into a multi-post squabble and WE destroyed a thread by arguing.

In the Yihi thread you ridiculed Analogue man because you claimed 4 volts and a 1 ohm coil would result in hot legs/overheating so there is no way he needs more than 6 volts. As 4 volts with a 1.2 ohm coil will give a little over 13 watts 9perfectly reasonable for MTL, and 6 volts will give 30 (which is perfectly reasonable for RDL or lower powered DL IMO). This caused you to lose you rag as usual and claim my comment was really motivated by resentment about the old 'resistance argument' IT wasn't - it was caused by your inability to accept people have different preferences and using higher resistance kanthal round wire builds is still a preference of some and you chose to ridicule instead of asking why- and the thread had to be put back on course. Despite Geek's intervention you continued, I decided to transport the argument to YOUR THREAD. Then the argument died instantly - both the Yihi and your Vape Porn thread now continue without argument.

On the Vape Porn thread I asked for an impartial member to check what happens when you add an extra wrap to a coil to settle the ancient once and for all. Philip was kind enough to do this and it clearly shows that adding a wrap using the excess leg length will give a higher resistance. and it is the total length of wire held between the posts and not the complete length of wire used to make the coil that is the quoted estimated resistance on the packaging.

Philip's post categorically proves you were wrong, however your ego demands a "win" so you must continue at all costs.
However there are members here that can remember the 'resistance' incident so trying to rewrite history to prove you were right all along is futile as those that were there at the time will point and laugh at you.

If you must automatically ridicule at least check first or you will occasionally end up looking a fool, and if someone prefers something you don't try asking why and these pointless incidents won't happen.

I firmly believe your sole reason for starting this thread is to continue an argument that should have died 9 months ago but try to isolate it from your vape porn thread. Sorry Carrion but if you try to keep ancient animosities alive I will deliberately move your arguments to your Vape Porn thread. I am just as willing to either move on and let things go or fight and can be just as vindictive and stupid as anyone else.

I would prefer to move on, but I will let you chose on how we go from here. Hopefully we will both agree to stop.

Have a great day.