That is interesting philipdvd, and thanks for taking the time.

I have done the same, but first fitted the coil with the ends of the postholes and glowed the coil to bed it in - the resulting resistance once cool and bedded in was 0.85.

The I loosened the screws, slid the coil to the normal position and measured again and got 0.72 reading.

I repeated it by sliding out the coil until the coil was (almost) at the end of the uncut legs, measured again and got 0.83 (obviously the clamps weren't holding the coil in exactly the same position as I just moved it to approximately the original position.

Returning the coil to a more normal position close to the posts got the same 0.72 reading.

It is interesting that you got the same reading for both positions and I am curious if you glowed the coil or just fitted and measured.

As I have preposterous amounts of pre-made coils and spools of wire, and the coil I used was a cheapo Kanthal coil from a tub I'm unlikely to want to use, so wasting a coil for an experiment doesn't mean much to me as I probably won't live long enough to actually use them all. If you are in a similar position with building supplies I would appreciate if you could repeat it and glow the wires just out of idle curiosity. But if you don't have coils to spare, or simply can't be bothered it's all good.