philipvdb wrote:

So i redid the test with a better rda. The one i used before had hollow posts which maybe gave some bad results. Today i took the in'sane which is a lot easier and gives more accurate results. Measured using the coilmaster v2 with kanthal 28 awg without burning.
I'm doing this just because most of the times we take things for granted without testing.
Here are the results

Don't quite understand all your writing, but it appears you've still got some work to do, unless you guys are working on a different experiment not related to the "length/rtesistance" experiment I did a while back.

First, i would forget about the "wire past the grub screw" bit - it will change depending on atty, and really means nothing, since that wire will always be cut in practice.

The basis of the experiment is simple: grab a long wire, 4 or 5 inches, and clamp it down, basically making A giant "light bulb" shape over the atty. Quickly fire until the resistance shows, and note it.

Then, without changing ANYTHING, take a coiling rod and twist several "wraps" into the center of the length of wire. Doesn;t matter how many, the results will be the same AS the first time, without wraps.

Simple, easier than you guys are making it. Honestly, you both should know this already, but I appreciate Philip actually trying's not hard, and gives users a better understanding of how things work!

Good luck!