philipvdb wrote:

So i redid the test with a better rda. The one i used before had hollow posts which maybe gave some bad results. Today i took the in'sane which is a lot easier and gives more accurate results. Measured using the coilmaster v2 with kanthal 28 awg without burning.I'm doing this just because most of the times we take things for granted without testing. Here are the results The coil of the 5 wrap 1.21 and 6 wrap 1.45 were at the same position, just above the air hole meaning that the excess wire after the screws was less for the 1.45 coil or the length of the wire between the post was longer with 6 wraps. Hope this is clear.

Thanks Phil. This clearly show what happens when a coil is fitted. It is interesting to see the results of clamping the same length of wire by the ends of the legs, adding a differing number or wraps and getting the same measurement, but it has no relevance to actually vaping as it is unlikely anyone would really fit a coil in that manner or be able to vape it as it probably wouldn't fit in the atty.

In the case of actuaslly vaping I imagine everyone would actually fit the coil properly and trim the legs so the results in the right hand column reflect the real life affects of adding wraps. Which I'm sure everybody already knows.

Hopefully this idiot argument is over.

If you want to keep it up Carrion - provide a link to THE THREAD - not to a SELECTIVE POST YOU ARE SHOWING OUT OF CONTEXT and anybody that cares can read how it started (and how stupid it became)