EternalSpline wrote:

Am I missing something here? For the way C4W is explaining it now, he is right, but for a thing that would never ever matter in vaping, and phil has proven Crispy right for the only part of this that could ever matter in vaping? Is that about right? Good grief this is pointless thanks for taking us down this rabbit hole never being the bigger person in an argument.

The only thing you're missing here is Carrion is trying to rewrite history. DJVillan (I believe) made a comment about adding a wrap to a coil on a Vandy Vape? Coil thread, Carrion contradicted him. I replied I do it routinely as most tubs of coils have long enough leg lengths to add an extra wrap and the end result would be a higher resistance coil when fitted. He continued to hoot and jeer, claim this is impossible as you would have to stretch the coil to destruction and that the quoted resistance on a pack of coils cannnot be raised as this is assessed by the entire length of wire used to make the coils and not an estimate of what the coils will be when fitted.

Although this silly argument died a death, any time I question any of his statements he tends to explode and insist I am really sulking about where he "schooled" me about resistance and ohms law.

Rather than let the Yihi SL Mini thread degenerate into a squabble like the old coil thread we turned to crap by arguing in the summer of last year I offered to relocate it to his Vape Porn thread as I assumed he would curb his temper to avoid a thread he is heavily invested in from turning into a multi-post fight.

Of course - he started a new thread to continue arguing here (and to avoid trashing his Vape Porn thread) As he has attempted to remain civil I've entertained him.

However, although he is willing to continue the argument - he is unwilling to link to the thread it will clearly display he is being retrospectively disingenuous and trying to cover a simple mistake he made.

Do I really care about this old argument - not really.

But I do like watching him twist and turn and try to change the past in order to save face.

If he actually does bother linking the thread (which I seriously doubt as I don't think his ego will allow it) then you can entertain yourself by counting how many times he retrospectively edited his posts - frequently several days later, unfortunately many survive in their original form. I believe if he replies at all he will totally ignore my suggestion to link the thread. Narcissists can be fun.