carrion4worm wrote:

So, as I corrected the original user, and it seems now Philip has verified: resistance is in the length, not how many "wraps" are in the coil. So, next time someone says to "just add a wrap" to a pre-cut coil, as Crispy originally argued - tell them to re-examine their erroneous ways.

Nice to see the actual vapers work it out. As for the others that appeared here to troll -- get a life, chumps!

I did get extra resistance with preformed wire simply by welding a bow coil on top of the factory wraps.

The manufacturer didn't know I bought these to give away as presents so they accidentally forgot to put bows on them.

The kanthal bow adds 0.2 ohm easily.

Off tooic, I need help finding the corners in my new ball.

Little help please?