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Crispycritters wrote:
Carrion has once again thrown his 'you're too dumb to figure out how to use an image hosting site' at me even though I have repeatedly stated I simply do not wish to use one. My not wishing to subscribe to a hosting site is for personal political reasons that I do not wish to state here

You have been suggested sites that do not require subscription

Crispycritters wrote:
cilika wrote:
Been using this site for posting photos for a year, no subscription or logging in needed.

In this case I simply do not agree in any way, to make any contribution in any form, either by providing content, funding, or any type of personal detail to any image hosting site.

And still refer to the issue being political.

And nothing has changed. It is interesting that you linked a clipped part of the second post and edited out the party which clearly shows I was explaining to Clika what the full meaning of 'subscribing' to actually means - and it was followed by the single sentence you selected.

For a while I thought you may be simply confused that someone may have a different outlook to you and assumed if you continued questioning me I would share. But from your selective posting and manipulative cutting and pasting it is now clear you are just being deliberately provocative because you have difficulty accepting when someone tells you to mind your own business.

There is no point in me continuing to discuss the obvious as it appears you cannot understand that neither I or my personal thoughts are your property. I'm not making any demands on you but just saying if you want to discuss this further, you could consider finding someone else and you can share your assumptions. Good day to you, Sir.