Bad idea for any EU customers, postal services had trouble with ioss at first sometimes asking to pay the VAT tax and handling fees despite the tax already prepaid (my case).

Yes, I had that too last year.

Febr. 2022, one package of mine has got lost (with NOT prepaid taxes, it was supposed to be a test!)) in the air, for the replacement, I asked for to prepay taxes (as for any cases, I didn't want to pay it twice), around 2$ as normal for a 20$+ smth item.

I was sent a replacement under warranty early February 2022 so the value was 0 U$D, I didn't pay the VAT tax but I had to pay the handling fee about 10 U$D.

Do you mean the sender asked you to pay 10$ of handling fees??

lol! I guess it wasn't on FT.