I was always wondering if with my lost package, to get lost was anything to do with the lack of IOSS.

When I ordered it, I thought either it would go through or they would be happy to make me pay all the fees. Which I hoped anyway wouldn't be too high after a 22$ worth item. Which is of course much more expensive if you buy it in France.

As before that, 2 different things happened to me:
First: got an e-mail at the previous day with a link that allowed me to pay reduced taxes, on-line. 2 days later my package arrived to my address, period.

Second* (some months later), they didn't even bother with sending me an e-mail, I just received a piece of paper in my mailbox saying, either I pay the reduced fees until midnight or I have to go to fetch my package against an amount of 12€. But I was away for a couple of days, and they also forgot to precise where I can find my package. So it became a bit complicated.

Since it, I always opt to the prepaid taxes. But the amount of 8$ has just surprised me today.

* that second time, it happened in spite of the prepaid taxes, but it was before all these things got cleared out. At least what concerns la France.