Tonycobweb wrote:

As for me, I'm waiting for a replacement for a defective item I received in a previous order.FT has put the old IOSS number on the package, so it will be a new experience with a replacement item! (With a value of $00.00)
I'll be back here to report how it went with customs when I receive the package.

As promised, I am reporting on the progress of the delivery of the replacement item I was waiting for, regarding a defective product I had received.

Unfortunately, and despite the arrangements made by FT for the IOSS declaration, I had to pay €9.00 in customs fees to get the package back.
FT told me that this had happened a few times recently, but not often, and that they were questioning their shipping department and the carrier to understand why this failure occurred, to avoid it happening again in the future.

FT fully refound me the €9.00, taking into account the €/$ exchange rate, so I received a gift certificate, as I had requested, of $9.35 on my account.

I hope that FT will make sure that replacement products (as well as normal orders) are not overcharged in the future, so as not to spoil the enthusiasm of their customers to order from them!