Curious as to why you would want to squonk with the Berserker - did they make a rda early on?

Other than that, I'd start with my own collection - removing BF pins from other atties and trying them often helps to have an idea as to the size and style needed. A photo of the NON-squonking pins currently installed would possibly help as well.

I bought 2 packs of BF pins here: a 5 pack of Speed Revolution pins, and the Goon pins - since most of the atties you listed are smaller, I would think the current non-BF pin would be shorter than average, and the pins I bought from here wouldn't work, most likely.

If you provide more specific BF pin skus, I'll try to help further. For instance, I have the SXK Radius V2, and a few of those 20mm NoName clones as well - I'd have to "dig them up", lol!