OP, if you can only buy one pin set, get the Airlab pin set, it's the same diameter as the Speed Revolution pin, just shorter.

I went through my order history, and in the past, I've bought the YFTK Speed Revolution pins, 5-pack, used 1. I bought the FLAVE bf pin 5 pack (NO STOCK) and the AIRLAB pins, which I swear were almost the same, and used quite a few of both. They are more of a "medium" length, where the Speed Rev. pins are much longer.

Take a look at the "FLAVE BF PIN" page - and take a look at the "AIRLAB BF PIN" page...I think they are very similar in size. Since the Flave pin I have experience with is No longer in stock, I'd get the AIRLAB pins, they are slightly shorter I think, but still a good length.

I think the "RECOIL" BF pin is much the same length, but thinner diameter

Good luck!