"Billets are for the top-tier of vapers"

Yeah because as we all know, the top-tier of vapers, ONLY like cute little AIO's! (Sarcasm)

My pulse got here today, it's ummm, it is very cute. It kind of makes me want a Dot AIO more than a Billet because they are even smaller and cuter. Just initial impressions, that is not meant as a full review. I got the black one it feels kind of durable, we shall see. I don't really plan to pull any punches with it. I am not planning to tighten the nut down to much or do silly things with it, but I plan to put decent coils in it, if it dies I will update you all. I have taken about 5 pulls off the included coil to see how that is, nothing with the RBA yet. I treat gear really well, so of coarse anyone else mileage my vary.