Yeah right, forget about the low build thing, nobody was trying to create any myths, lol. Any builds can get hot because of the tiniest factor, or just stay cool all along.
But any build you can heat up, when pushing the "required" watts for that it happens.
My RBA got pretty hot with a modest .4ohm plain kanthal build at 24W when I didn't notice that the tank was nearly empty and kept sucking the hell out of it! Or whatever.
But it's certain that heat can deteriorate the shape of a little plastic box with relatively thin walls.

I don't see why using other RBAs would cause any issues unless they are far too tight fit. But then why someone would keep forcing them into it.

Would've never thought if someone wants fancy wrapped batteries, would add 2 more layers on the initial one. lol. 80% of my mods (tube/ box/ any) wouldn't be able to take it.

What I still found when tried for a couple of hours, using the 18650 adapter puts a hair too much pressure in it (if ever). (all my batteries are absolutely standard though - well I tried maybe 2 different ones and didn't insist with them)

@Eternal, glad to hear you received it!

Once I cracked a resin squonk box at the 510 connector. It flown away and landed on the tiling somewhere. lol, not a big surprise...

I can't give any updates on mine two as i was away w/o them for a couple of days, but I can tell, that the DotaioV2 with a Pioneer RBA just survived around 1500km of road without the slightest issues of condensation, leak, whatsoever. Unless to tell that idem for my second Pulse which was sitting at home on a table with battery, RBA charged in it (not its own RBA) and i found it as it was left. ;)