Ericsgreen wrote:

One of My frosted have cracked from tank cracker liquid, all stress points have cracked, around all 4 magnets, the airflow ovals, the Boro compartment, so I imagine lot of these folks who have cracked mods used citrus liquids, makes any stress point just give because of the material, my flush nut connector never cracked and I gotta wonder if anyone ever overtigtening the flush nut to cracking, or if just liquid weakens the material in places where it's be stressed

lucky my vandy replacement came yesterday, new mod, new door and extra magnets, I have a solid black also

So the version 3.0.3 may be the newest one, my first was 3.0.0 and I have a 3.0.2, I'd like to know if they've got this solved with 3.0.3? Or is there a newer one

I'm sorry for your issues. If Vandy Vape is using cheap acrylic in their panels or frames, you deserve a new mod.
I would not have thought they would do that, usually they are pretty good about these things. "Tank cracking" juices honestly should not have any effect on your panels or frame - even with a catastrophic leak, the juice will just run down the mod and settle at the bottom/floor. We've had acrylics for almost a decade that resist citrus cracking, so maybe Vandy dropped the ball.

In your case, your desription sounds like a mold issue. Many times when a mold reaches it's "retirement" point, manufacturers will push a little further...these molds are cleaned between uses (usually), but they retain chemicals and debris from previous runs, which gradually degrade the finished, molded product. You'll notice that holding an acrylic panel diagonally and bending will make tiny hairline stress cracks appear - this is probably close to what you are experiencing. Never clean Acrylic with anything but water - alcohol and other cleaning products expedite the cracking.

The black version is probably 40-50% stronger...plastic easily beats acrylic in durability.