EternalSpline wrote:

Why the hell are you of all people using disposables?

You are going to have to pay to ship me your entire vape collection if you keep talking like this, it is the law of the land, I don't make the rules. As the first person to call you out for this silly mess though, it is my claim.

Hope your doing well bro! Enjoy the traveling, and nothing interesting? What there has been at least two interesting things since you have been gone haven't there? Pulse AIO, and the Blaze RTA? That has been the most interesting things to me in the last two months.

My friend bought some and didn't like some of the flavours so he gave them to me and I decided to test the manufacturers claims out.

I'll probably be selling 90% of my vape collection soon as I don't use them and they're sitting around taking up space and gathering dust.

Having a blast now that things are almost back to normal around the world. Our travel itinerary over the next three months includes Germany, Spain, the UK, South Korea and the US for some festivals and concerts.

The Pulse AIO and Blaze rta don't interest me as they're either inferior or too similar to other products with no real innovation, plus I don't support the people who "designed" them.

Hope you're well and keeping safe, I hear it's getting bad in the US with inflation, crime, etc increasing.