ULTON's new BORO mod looks kool - sure hope FT will offer it on release.
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#31 (permalink)      8/1/2022 4:20:07 AM US Central   quote/reply + tips
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carrion4worm wrote:

You guys should know the one Chinese vendor that has the closest relationship with manufacturer "Ulton'....hell, they almost seem 2 Friendly! Very interestin design, nice button, and possibly a "ON or OFF" stlyed battery cover, similar to some of SNOW CAP's newer designs. Take a look, Freakin' boro mods for days - even a new DNA60 mod for me appeared(at another vendor), and I don't have to pay "high end" mark up on 3d printed weed whacker string!

We will list the new Boro mod on our website within 2 days.

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Ordered one last week on the other place hopefully it ship quicker than ft lol
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it will

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