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Nice screen for a generic Android phone. Android themed just like those on Samsung phones. Includes the water drop live wallpaper. Good for light users who doesn't need to play heavy games.
Included earphone sounds pretty bad. Get a more decent earphone separately. 512MB ram is pretty low and isn't enough for heavy multitasking
Screen is pretty sharp at 233 PPI. Contrast and brightness looks better than most generic Android phones.

ICS runs fine and the UI is very smooth for the most parts. Just don't expect to do heavy duty multitasking with the phone's 512MB RAM and its single core CPU.

The phone looks very similar to the popular Samsung phone. Although not as sturdy as the Samsung counterpart, build quality of the N9300 feels generally solid on hand and should survive a few unwanted dropped.

For $188, you get 90%+ of a phone that is otherwise sold at $500+ without contract.
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