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Overall   (3.5)
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+ Appears more expensive than it actually is + Price is very low and attractive + Dual SIM slots, simultaneous standby
- UI sluggish due to its single core CPU - LCD screen does not appear nearly as good as the IPS alternatives
This is an interesting phone. Its build quality is actually quite good -- no loose parts, tight seams, etc. The bezel feels pretty solid and pretty "real" as well.

The thing is the OS. You only see an Android robot during boot. Boot time is 45 seconds or so, which is okay for a single core Android ICS phone. As soon as you get into the UI, you see an interface that's totally "unfamiliar" to an Android user. There is no signs of an menu or action bar, and there is no sign of any Android stock apps -- even the settings app has been replaced and themed.

There's no sign of Play store and there isn't any file explorer. The settings app doesn't offer any developer/debug/ADB control as well. Apps can definitely be installed, e.g. by downloading directly from within the built-in browser, but it's going to be hassle as the heavily customized theme gets in the way.

I think it's a fun phone, but because of the sluggish CPU and its customized UI, this phone is definitely not for anyone who's into Android.
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