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Very bright Rather cheap for what you get Compact design Well built Hidden strobe mode Great conversation piece
Heavy Low mode a bit low Needs a lot of batteries Switch too sensitive for transportation
You will probably remember the first time you turned this thing on!

That is if all you've had before in your hand where incandescent bulb old school things or even more modern single led flashlights. Well that's my case... and the first time i ignited this Cree XML trio was something i'll remember.

Be careful how you handle it when you turn it on because it is blindingly bright on high mode. This is not a flashlight but more like a projector or some heavy duty thing the city uses to light up buildings and monuments at night.

There are many other multiple high power leds flashlights available and some are certainly several times brighter then this one, but they do cost several times more too.

As said in the other reviews, the overall build is rather good. The form factor is somewhat unusual though. Instead of a stick like flashlight it is more like a can of soda, and about the same weight if not more. I like it that way. It is very manageable, compact and easy to store.

The switch is very sensitive. Although it is comfortable to be able to light up at the touch of a button, it is too easy in fact. Just handling the light can turn it on and carrying it will certainly be a problem.

As for all multiple LiIon batteries assembly it is highly recommended to always use a same set of identical batteries with the same state of charge. Don't mess up with the batteries by mixing brands or charged/discharged batteries. If a discharged battery is inserted with three other fully charged ones, they will likely unload onto the empty one as fast as they can which can induce very hight currents and possible damages - like a cell (or four) exploding (at worst).

Overall a really great flashlight. If you've never had a multiple emitter one in hand, this is a good choice to start with, at a very accessible price.
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