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- Great "new" styled design - Backlight - Hold last display function - Standard rectangular 9V battery (not annoying coin batteries)
- Need to buy better replacement leads for low resistance (ohm) readings such as for coil building for vaping (e-cigs). Touching the probes together on the lowest (200Ohm setting) shows constantly fluctuating readings of over 100ohms down to 0.5ohms. Using my other leads from a cheap Dick Smith $5 multimeter I get a fairly constant 0.7-0.8ohm internal resistance.
I would reccomned this multimeter with some better cheap and reliable leads for low ohm readings such as if you are building coils for vaping. I've just ordered Hopefully this will solve the problem as my cheapo leads off an old $5 multimeter give steady 0.7-0.8ohm internal resitance readings. I suspect the included leads are not copper or are not soldered correctly which is why the internal resistance fluctuates constantly on the lowest (200ohm) setting when touching the probes together. Overall still a nice cheap multimeter! Once screw to access the standard 9V rectangular battery. Nice large digital display with backlight if you want to turn it on.
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