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VERY heat resistant. The material is great.
None, as long as you know what you are getting and how to use it. The adhesive is VERY flammable.
I commenced testing as soon as i got it in the mail.
I took a small piece and taped it on either side of an open steel workbench vice.
I held a cigarette lighter under the tape...It immediately burst into flames and disappeared in a wisp of ash.
Took another piece and wrapped it around a metal screw driver and lit that up.
No reaction at all! It did not burn. I unwrapped the tape and the screw driver was scorched everywhere except where the tape was. I was enthralled. So I took a small piece and applied it to the top of the vise.
I took a shop blow torch and commenced torching it from about 4 inches away until even the metal was hot enough to evaporate liquid instantly. I did this for almost a full minute.
The tape never burned. The tape never shrunk and the surface below it was clean.
this stuff is great, but keep heat away from the adhesive. It will ignite almost instantly.
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